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The Fritz!Box supports HD Voice with voipGATE.


It was time again to re-install my Fritz!Box, unfortunately the box does crash sometimes and only a factory reset brings the broken services back to life (in between those crashes the box actually runs very solid).

So I setup all of my local services and DECT phones and concluded with the setup of my VoIP accounts. While testing ingress calls I noticed a nice HD icon on my DECT phones’ display. The Fritz!Box GUI surely lists my test calls with Codec G.722.


I have tested HD Voice with voipGATE.


  1. Moien, my wife re set our fritz box but didn’t note the settings. I have the user name and password but don’t know the orange specific settings;

    DSL ATM Settings Detect automatically Set manually VPI VCI
    Encapsulation PPPoE PPPoA / LLC PPPoA / VC-MUX

    So manual or automatic? If manual VPI and VCI values?
    PPPoE or PPPoA? Any ideas?

    Orange tech support don’t have anyone there at the weekend and the call centre people don’t know. Merci villmools in advance, Tim

    • Hello Tim,

      if this is for an ADSL product (not Fibre, eventually not VDSL) then this should work:

      DSL ATM Settings: automatic

      alternatively try this:

      DSL ATM Settings: manual
      VPI: 8
      VCI: 35
      Encapsulation: PPPoE

      VDSL probably uses VLAN on top of those settings, POST uses VLAN 35, I don’t know about Orange.
      Fibre uses VLANs only, POST uses VLAN 35, I don’t know about Orange.

      I hope that helps.

      BTW, once you have a working configuration, take a backup 😉

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