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SixXS support for the Fritz!Box

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I recently tested the 6to4 IPv6 support in the latest AVM Firmware for Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7270. Now I tried to setup a tunnel to SixXS which failed during my first tests. The Fritz Box didn’t complain about the fact that my SixXS tunnel didn’t have any subnet allocated. Once a subnet was added to my tunnel, the Fritz!Box was able to setup the tunnel. I had my tunnel set to “6in4-heartbeat”, I haven’t tested “AYIYA”. I also found another IPv6 enabled website:, quite obvious at second view 😀

One Comment

  1. Check out!Box_7270, thats how I got my fritzbox working with sixxs. Basically just leave it on for a week, then request a subnet and everything is running smoothly.


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