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How to (de-)activate T.38 on a Fritz!Box


Due to popular demand, I will try to explain how to disable/enable T.38 support on the Fritz!Box. Unfortunately the setting for T.38 support is a global settings, so you cannot activate/deactivate T.38 support per SIP account, however careful routing should cope with this limitation. So this is the way to go:

  1. Choose Settings / Einstellungen from the top menu
  2. Select Advanced Settings / Erweiterte Einstellungen from the left menu
  3. Go to Telephony / Telefonie
  4. Click Internet Telephony / Internettelefonie
  5. Select the Advanced Settings / Erweiterte Einstellungen Tab
  6. Goto to the bottom of the page and (un-)tick the box Fax transmission also with T.38 / Fax transmission also with T.38

Happy faxing!

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