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How to setup IP routing on Avaya IP Office 500

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I have recently learned that one of the most common issues with the VoIP setup of an Avaya IP Office 500 IP PBX is the routing of the IP packets. While the IP Office offers 2 Ethernet interface called LAN1 and LAN2 with configuration fields for the local IP address and netmask, there is no easy possibility to setup a default route to the internet.

Avaya IP Office LAN2 settings

Avaya IP Office LAN2 settings

In the above example the Avaya IP Office 500 uses LAN2 o connect to the Internet, LAN2 also has a local IP address of and a netmask of In order to allow the IP Office to access the Internet you need to add a static route in the “IP Route” section, right-click onto the section and choose add. For our example we add a default route via the gateway with IP address on interface LAN2.

Avaya IP Office static default route

Avaya IP Office static default route

Be sure to save the configuration and transfer it to the IP Office. Now you are ready to configure the VoIP part of the IP Office. See here for an example.

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