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EPT IPTV via Fritz!Box 7570 incompatible with VoIP


EPT is now deploying their EPT Homeserver (aka AVM Fritz!Box 7570 VDSL) to new IPTV (aka La Télé des P&T) subscribers. Ddue to the technical implementation of IPTV on EPT’s network this will unfortunately render the VoIP features of the Fritz!Box unusable. EPT seems to use an AVM feature to run the VoIP part over a 2nd DSL ATM channel, to implement their IPTV features. The IPTV connection (or to be more correct the VoIP connection used to provide the IPTV functionnality) however offers no connectivity to the Internet in the setup used by EPT. Without access to the Internet, the VoIP features are rendered unusable.

In case you want to use IPTV and VoIP, I recommend that you get a Thomson DSL router and use a similar setup as described in this post.


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