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EPT IPTV via Fritz!Box 7570 incompatible with VoIP


EPT is now deploying their EPT Homeserver (aka AVM Fritz!Box 7570 VDSL) to new IPTV (aka La Télé des P&T) subscribers. Ddue to the technical implementation of IPTV on EPT’s network this will unfortunately render the VoIP features of the Fritz!Box unusable. EPT seems to use an AVM feature to run the VoIP part over a 2nd DSL ATM channel, to implement their IPTV features. The IPTV connection (or to be more correct the VoIP connection used to provide the IPTV functionnality) however offers no connectivity to the Internet in the setup used by EPT. Without access to the Internet, the VoIP features are rendered unusable.

In case you want to use IPTV and VoIP, I recommend that you get a Thomson DSL router and use a similar setup as described in this post.


  1. That’s interesting. I have such a router, but I cancelled the TV.
    Should I re-flash the router with this firmware ?

  2. As a rule of thumb you should not install a Lab or Beta version unless you know exactly how to restore an official firmware. In the specific case of the Fritz!Box 7570 VDSL AVM delivers the current stable firmware with the Lab/Beta firmware, but the restoration tool is missing. I would start with a factory reset of the Fritz!Box and see if this unlocks the VoIP part.
    PLEASE NOTE: These are my thoughts on the subject, in no case does this comment consist in instructions you should follow. You are solely responsible for any changes you apply to your Fritz!Box.

  3. I have the full package from EPT, including IPTV… Is your post still applicable today?
    Would the latest firmware upgrade to the FritzBox change anything to it (From 75.04.82 to 75.04.90)?

    I was able to pair a DECT phone and configure VOIP as per your later post on dialing rules but my FritzBox neither detects the analog line, neither transmits the VOIP calls…

    • I would like to say “quod erat demonstrandum” 😀

      The Fritz!Box VoIP part uses either a secondary Internet Session (could be a PPPoE or any other type of session) if available or the primary (which your computers use to access the Internet). As EPT enables the secondary access for their IPTV usage, the Fritz!Box VoIP part will be nailed to the secondary session. The EPT IPTV sub-network however offers access to the EPT IPTV platform only, there is no Internet access via the IPTV network. Thus the VoIP registration and calls must fail.

      I once fixed this by using the Thomson ST585 Modem delivered by EPT as the DSL Modem, I then connected a Fritz!Box to the Thomson and configured the Fritz!Box to access the Internet via LAN1 and by setting up a PPPoE session (see here).

  4. Hi Marc,
    I just received my brand new FritzBox 7570 from PT and they gave me the USB dongle to patch the FritzBox to Annex A (that’s at least what the guy in the shop said). I patched my own 7170 to Annex A to use it here in Luxembourg after my move here a few years ago.
    Now, back to the 7570. I wanted to set up my VOIP provider, as done before, but I can’t add it, nor delete the PT one.
    Does this mean, that PT is sort of blocking their user from installing VOIP?
    Is that legal?
    Is there a way around this?
    Thanks for any help or tips!

  5. …ok, blonde moment here. So it is simply that PT uses the secondary for their IPTV and now I get/understand your “workaround solution”!
    Thanks for the hint!

  6. Hi Marc
    So how is the situation with fiber providers today? Are there any service improvements ! I follow you from 2011. Fiber is getting close in Grevenmacher! Silly workers started on the other side of town ;o) lol

    • The latest Firmware for Fritz!Box 7390 has an option available to route a SIP account via the Internet connection instead of the IPTV or EPT-VoIP connection. I haven’t been able to test it but this seems to provide a solution to those interested in IPTV or LuxFibre.

      • Thanks for the info! I still can not order it! 7390 is the old version! I hope providers will update their offers! I just read your description about connecting fiber in the house! There is no mention about ONT, where do they stick the fiber cable Into fritzbox?

        • LuxFibre uses 2 different transport technologies. VDSL2 over copper for 30/10 (and later 100/50) Mbps access lines and Ethernet over Fibre for 30/10, 50/25 and 100/50 (and later 30/10, 100/50 and 200/100) Mbps. The option via fibre obviously needs an ONT, the copper Ethernet will then connect to LAN1 of the Fritz!Box.
          The Fritz!Box 7390 is the model currently available and most deployed on LuxFibre lines. Most online shops don’t list the 7490 model as available or on stock yet, however you can assume that it will provide at least the same features as the Fritz!Box 7390 using the latest firmware.

          • Also according to the international (english) AVM website there is no international version of the Fritz!Box 7490 available yet. Which may delay the availability of the Fritz!Box 7490 outside of Germany.

          • You are absolutely correct…. shocking, It did not cross my mind that they would not pull fiber cable into my house. FTTH right ?? 😉 Now I’m getting worried, if they tell me tomorrow, I’m not getting it. I will dig it myself, Like the village in UK. LOL

            I was on Amazon 3 weeks ago, and there I saw the new Ac fritzi, I’m not a fan of that device. Therefore I wrote,I would prefer ONT and the rest I already have. My network is rather large and speed of the internet rather to cry.

          • If you get a fibre into your house (FTTH), you will also get an ONT which converts the PON connection to a regular copper based gigabit Ethernet connection. You may connect almost any device to that copper Gigabit-Ethernet port, at your own risk of course 🙂 .

          • 😉 I’m risking the vdsl at the moment 😉 I have very large network full of ip cameras, macs and ubnt devices! I will keep my fingers crossed they are 300 meters away 🙂

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