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Howto configure dialing rules on a Fritz!Box 7570 VDSL


Michele sent me an email and asked me to help her to configure dialing rules on her new Fritz!Box 7570 VDSL from EPT. This looked like a good article for my blog, so here it goes. (Please click on the screenshot for a larger view.)

1. Login to your Fritz!Box by opening the URL

2. Click on “Settings”.

3. Click on “Advanced Settings”.

4. Click on “Telephony”.

5. Click on “Internet Telephony”.

6. Setup a new VoIP provider, click onto “New Internet Number”.

7. Setup the Internet Number using the information provided by your VoIP provider, see the screenshot for details.

8. You may dial any number with the account you just setup by prefixing the number with the “Internet Number ID” shown after saving your new Internet Number account. In this example this prefix is “*121#”, so in case you want to dial the number 4748741 (Grand Ducal Court) via this Internet Number you should dial “*121#4748741″. I assume in this example that your VoIP provider supports Luxembourg’s national dialing format.

9. The Fritz!Box can do much more however, you may want to automatically route calls starting with “00″ via your VoIP provider. In order to setup automatice routing, click onto “Dialing Rules”.

10. Click “New Dialing Rule”.

11. Setup the rule as shown on the screenshot. Remember the route you choose in drop down list “Connect via” should show the number of the Internet Number you created in step 7 (I used 35212345678 for this example).

12. Aftering saving the rule, your Fritz!Box will route any international number starting with “00″ via your VoIP provider.

I hope these very short manual did help you setup Dialing Rules on your Fritz!Box, please post your comments and/or questions below to help me optimize this manual.


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