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Howto configure dialing rules on a Fritz!Box 7570 VDSL


Michele sent me an email and asked me to help her to configure dialing rules on her new Fritz!Box 7570 VDSL from EPT. This looked like a good article for my blog, so here it goes. (Please click on the screenshot for a larger view.)

1. Login to your Fritz!Box by opening the URL

2. Click on “Settings”.

3. Click on “Advanced Settings”.

4. Click on “Telephony”.

5. Click on “Internet Telephony”.

6. Setup a new VoIP provider, click onto “New Internet Number”.

7. Setup the Internet Number using the information provided by your VoIP provider, see the screenshot for details.

8. You may dial any number with the account you just setup by prefixing the number with the “Internet Number ID” shown after saving your new Internet Number account. In this example this prefix is “*121#”, so in case you want to dial the number 4748741 (Grand Ducal Court) via this Internet Number you should dial “*121#4748741″. I assume in this example that your VoIP provider supports Luxembourg’s national dialing format.

9. The Fritz!Box can do much more however, you may want to automatically route calls starting with “00″ via your VoIP provider. In order to setup automatice routing, click onto “Dialing Rules”.

10. Click “New Dialing Rule”.

11. Setup the rule as shown on the screenshot. Remember the route you choose in drop down list “Connect via” should show the number of the Internet Number you created in step 7 (I used 35212345678 for this example).

12. Aftering saving the rule, your Fritz!Box will route any international number starting with “00″ via your VoIP provider.

I hope these very short manual did help you setup Dialing Rules on your Fritz!Box, please post your comments and/or questions below to help me optimize this manual.


  1. Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

  2. Hello Marc,

    I finally got myself a Fritzbox 7570 from PT luxembourg.

    I have some problems to connect and wanted to asked for your help if you can spare a few minutes.

    I have connected my Fritzbox to DSL and it reports it gets the line. However when I try to connect to my DSL supplier it doesn’t work. I guess I have a wrong password or someting.

    Anyway, so I connected my Fritzbox to my existing Speedtouch modem (Access LAN 1 / etqblir connexion internet propre routeur nat ou IP / données acccès non requises). That way I get internet access but the SIP cannot register it reports a DNS error.

    I have internet access so I installed a soft phone and it works on a PC behind the Fbox, so I guess this time I have the right set of passwords :-).

    Any idea how I can tweek the Fritzbox to register my SIP in this configuration ?

    • The Fritz!Box is a very powerful device, so I would try to fix the internet access problem first. The Fritz!Box logs error messages in an event log, where you can see what exactly fails during the setup of the connection. You can run the Fritz!Box behind another modem, but it makes you lose some or, depending on the exact setup, up to almost all of the advantages of the Fritz!Box. Depending on the setup, the exact Speedtouch model and it’s firewall configuration, the SIP configuration will be impossible or unstable. There is a solution for almost every problem, however you will have 2 devices up and running, consuming power and eventually causing all kind of random errors from time to time. I really recommend to get the Fritz!Box running in standalone mode.

      A few things you should check:

      Are you using an analogue or ISDN telephone line?
      The Fritz!Box 7570 VDSL supports both type of lines, however you need to adapt the settings of the Fritz!Box. Annex A is for analogue lines, Annex B for ISDN lines.
      Does the event log of the Fritz!Box any error or problems?
      Try to fix these first before proceeding to further steps

  3. Hi Maybe you can help what is the difference between the 7570 and 7270 Fritz box? Which of the two would have the best wifi range and strength (I notice the 7570 does not have any antenna Could this be a problem in an old solid brick house!! Thanks

    • Hi Bob,

      the 7570 is mainly the same than the 7270, both models have antennas (you just don’t see them on the 7570 because they lie inside the plastic case). I have tested both models I can tell that the WLAN coverage is the same (at least I didn’t notice any issues) only the DECT coverage on the 7570 seemed slightly better compared to the 7270. Other than that the 7570 support VDSL2, which is a DSL variant which may be used very soon in Luxembourg to provide Internet Access up to 30Mbit/s downstream and 10 Mbit/s upstream.
      The coverage in brick based house should be better than in stones based houses (usually with walls of 50cm or more) or inside apartment buildings built with armored concrete.

  4. Hi Marc, Got the 7570 but encountered the same or similar problem as I had with the SpeedTouch 585 as regards the WiFi The problem is that the connections are in a office that is surrounded by brick and double glass. so the wifi does not get more than 5 meters in fact the house is 5 meters from the office and that too is double glass so the Fritz box does not have a signal strong enough to reach an Range Expander at the house end. (Q: is the P7T system on Annex A or B?) Any other modem/router I should check out Thanks BOB

    • Most WLAN devices transmit at 0.1 Watts. Some devices have their transmitters reduced to 0.1 Watts by software, for some of these you can get an alternative firmware to boost the output of the transmitter. This however must be done on both devices in order for them to be able to communicate, on the other hand you will also loose the warranty and it is not an option for the Fritz!Box.

      So you may check the following points:

      turn off the WLAN ECO mode on the Fritz!Box
      try to make the “line of sight” between the Fritz!Box and the repeater pass any wall in a perpendicular manner. This will reduce the attenuation of the signal.

      The attenuation of bricks and double-glazed metalized windows is usually almost equal, see But you may still try a path through walls only and a path through windows only (if possible) and see if there is a difference in your case.

  5. Its OK for the Annex A or B as I saw you answered that before (analogue and Isdn) maybe since the 7570 are said to be very powerful,mines a faulty one ??
    I was looking at the Levelone 6600..

  6. Very well explained Marc, Thanks very much

  7. Hi Bob,
    I tried several times to configure DynDns on 7570 but it is impossible to save the values.
    After having clicked on “Aply” button, all fields come back to empty.
    I tried again and again and always I receive the same result. It is impossible to save values with DynDns account.

    Do you have any idea?

    I have already configured DynDns on 7170 and it works fine.

    • I only experienced this issue on “preview” firmwares for the Fritz!Box. A full factory reset brought the feature back to like, but I’m convinced there must be an easier way. So if anyone finds its, please post it. Thanks, Marc

  8. Hello
    Im using the fritzbox 7570.
    I have 2 computers and i have the same IP adress but i need each computer with different ip, is there any way to set up different ip’s for each computer?
    If you can help me i’ll apreciated.
    Thank you anyway!

  9. Moien,

    kennt dir mir villeicht hellefen? ech hun eng fritz Box fon wlan 7570 vDSL an en Fritz!Fon Mt-F an ech kreien deen net un d´goen. Deen grengen kabel leeft vun der Analogunschloss bis un Fritz!Box. Emmer wann ech urufen well kent en besaattoun an et steet do resources unavailable????!!!

    • Gudden Owend Tania,
      et ass schwiereg Iech elo eng komplett Aentwert ze gin. Wann Dir op der Nummer vun der analoger Leitung kënnt ugeruf gin dann kann de Probleem net esou wirklech schlëmm sin (méiglecherweis gin ausgehend Uriff net Richtung Festnetz mee un een falsch konfiguréierten VoIP Konto), falls Dir awer och net kënnt ugeruff gin kommen eng ganz Rei weider Probleemer a Fro.
      Besteet deen do Probleem schon ëmmer? Wann net, waat huet sech geännert?

  10. Ech hun mir deen MT-F Fon do lo reit kaaf virun enger Woch, en plus hun mir nach eng normal Festnetznummer an Telefonen. Ech hun En Box un der Mauer vun ISDN an Analog, un der ISDN ass Fritzbox ugeschloss an eben Den Mt-F hun ech lo mat engem grengen Kabel (deen bei der Box derbei war, Fritzbox zousaetzlech un den Analogen uschloss geklemmt (do wou freien mein Festznetzunschloss war)

    Ech wees net wourun et leit mais un der Box selwer blenkt luut och net vir Telefonie, mais wann ech Intern well uruffen funktioneiert et, eben just net wann ech auswaerts well telefoneiren dann kennt en besaattoun an dann steet do “Resources unavaible”

    • Wann d’Fritz!Box wëll mam engem ISDN Uschloss vum NT2ab vun der P&T verbonnen wor dann ass et net néideg weider d’Fritz!Box mat weidere Kabelen mam NT2ab ze verbannen. Et kéint esouguer geféierlech sin wann déi Verkabelung falsch gemeet gett (bis hin zum Kuerzschluss, Sickerbrand, asw). Ech géing Iech also recommandéieren all Kabelen déi virdrun net ugschloss woren nees eweg ze huelen.

      Am Handbuch vun der Fritz!Box gett et een Kapitel “FRITZ!Box zum Telefonieren einrichten” dodranner ee Punkt “Festnetzrufnummer eintragen”. Dir musst der Fritz!Box esou eemol ugin dass aeren Festnetz Uschloss een ISDN Uschloss ass an wéi eng Nummeren dass deem Uschloss vun der P&T zougedeelt sin.
      Duerno fannt Dir am Kapitel “FRITZ!Fon und andere Schnurlostelefone (DECT) anmelden” wéi dass den MT-F matt der Fritz!Box bekannt gemeet gett.
      Schlussendlech muss Dir dann mat Hëllef vum Kapitel “Angeschlossene Telefone und Endgeräte einrichten” dem MT-F Telefon eng vun den Rufnummeren, déi Dir am 1. Schrëtt agedroen hudd, zoudeelen.

  11. Gudde moien

    Ech giff gären en DECT telefon mat der fritzbox 7570 als basisstatioun benotzen. Den telefon gett och richteg verbonnen, mee leider kann ech met uruffen oder ugeruff ginn. Et tuut emmer besaat.
    Lo froen ech mech op op et un der verkabelung lait. Ech hun d’fritzbox per kabel mam splitter verbonnen fir dsl. Dest funktioneiett ouni problem. Muss ech lo nach vum splitter (telefonsausgang) an d’ fritzbox fueren. Wa jo a bei eng bechs vun der box? Grengen agang?

    Kennt dier mier do weiderhellefen w.e.g. ?


    • Et gin 2 Saachen ze maachen an deem Fall:

      1) D’Fritz Box muss mam Signal vun der analoger oder ISDN-Leitung verbonne gin. Wéi daat geet ass an der Reegel am Handbuch an op dem Installatiouns Poster gudd beschriwwen (inkl. d’Faarwkodéierung vun de Prisen)

      2) D’Fritz Box muss richteg konfiguréiert gin op waat fir engem Telefon eingehend Uriff solle schellen an iwwert waat fir een Anschluss dass ausgehend Gespréicher gemeet gin.

  12. Hello Marc, since no support information is available on the post site regarding the fritzbox 7570 parameters from scratch, I am trying desesperatly to post here my question to know how do you parameter a luxfibre internet connection from scratch? everything was working well but my box got reseted and I have to do it from 0. I don’t know which annex I should use what parameters I should input from a line technical info point of view. Could you be so kind and drop me two lines about the generic characteristic I should have?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Usually Annex A is used on *DSL connection over analog line and Annex B over ISDN. On real fibre connections (some LuxFibre accesses are delivered via copper) the Annex setting is irrelevant. On real fibre connection, the connection is made via the LAN1 port, using PPPoE and VLAN35. I haven’t any experience with VDSL connections, but it should also use PPPoE and VLAN35 over the DSL port instead of LAN1.

  13. Hi Marc,

    We have a LuxFibre connection through POST at our office and are trying to eliminate the need for using the FritzBox as we have a Barracuda F280 that connects to other Barracudas in our offices around the world.

    Current set up is the Alcatel-Lucent Fiber > FritzBox > Barracuda. We’d like Alcatel-Lucent Fibre > Barracuda only.

    Should it be possible to eliminate the FritzBox and configure the fibre connection on the Barracuda over PPPoE? We’ve tried doing so with some information we’ve received from POST but have not been successful.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Ricky. Yes it is possible to remove the Fritz!Box from the chain.

      Connect the Barracuda to the Fiber2Copper ONT. On the Ethernet interface connected to the ONT setup a tagged VLAN interface with VLAN ID 35. On top of that VLAN interface you may run the PPPoE connection.

      This is the configuration for a Mikrotik’s Router OS:

      /interface ethernet
      set [ find default-name=ether1 ] comment=LuxFibre
      /interface vlan
      add interface=ether1 l2mtu=1594 name=luxfibre35 vlan-id=35
      /ppp profile
      add change-tcp-mss=yes name=pppoe-luxfibre use-ipv6=no use-mpls=no
      /interface pppoe-client
      add ac-name="" add-default-route=yes allow=pap,chap,mschap1,mschap2 comment=\
      LuxFibre default-route-distance=1 dial-on-demand=no disabled=no interface=\
      luxfibre35 keepalive-timeout=60 max-mru=1492 max-mtu=1492 mrru=disabled name=\
      pppoe-luxfibre password=PASSWORD profile=pppoe-luxfibre service-name="" \
      use-peer-dns=yes user=USERNAME

      This example only covers the internet access via LuxFibre using an alternative to the Firtz!Box. I didn’t have the time to work out the EPT-VoIP part. Alternative ITSPs work out of the box via the regular internet session.

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