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EPT finally rolling out new bandwidth settings to DSL subscribers [UPDATE]


In January 2010 P&T Luxembourg announced new bandwidth profiles for their LuxDSL product. Having access to 3 different DSL connection at 3 different locations, I was waiting for the update to arrive on the connections. Some P&T Luxembourg subscribers were contacted that the DSL equipement used on their connection is unable to function properly after 2nd Frebruary 2010, I got one of these letters for a location which still didn’t get the new bandwidth profiles. Currently 1 of the 3 locations got the new bandwidth profiles.

Areas with the previous (slow) bandwidth profiles:

  • Ettelbruck/Erpeldange
  • Wiltz

Areas with the new (faster) bandwidth profiles:

  • Mersch

I will try to get information from more areas, please post your results if you like.

[UPDATE] Tango is announcing that the upgrade process will last until end of March 2010. As Tango uses the infrstructure of P&T Luxembourg for the areas Tango cannot cover with their own or a partner’s infrastructure, this note could eventually also apply to the whole P&T Luxembourg network. Looks like I need to check the status again begining of April 2010

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