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AVM just released a new Lab firmware version


AVM has released a new Lab firmware version for the Fritz!Box 7390 and 7340. The AVM developers seem to have worked really hard, a lot of work was done on the DECT, IPv6 and NAS part. The Lab firmware now supports secure DECT repeating mode, the AVM DECT phones will be able to display pictures included in RSS feeds and use custom PM3 ringtones. On the IPv6 stack RFC5969 aka 6rd was added, DS Lite is now supported.


You can find more details on the AVM Lab Portal. [UPDATE 2012-06-29 German version, the english version does not exist anymore]


  1. Mmmm there’s only a new release for the german version… the international version sticks at .88 🙁

  2. Look, the AVM-hyperlinks you mention are wrong.
    Regarding now the version, I used the web interface to update to 84.05.22. No message was telling that it is a beta, so I went on and installed it.
    A couple of cosmetic things now are wrong, like empty online help, and the silly message ‘changes not supported’, for which the AVM-cure is to boot with a cleaned firmware, then configure everything in the interface. Unfortunately, P&T people refused to cooperate, and I confirmed in fact, that there are credentials and functions kept secret from customer!!!
    Perhaps next year I file a complain to ILR…


    • Thanks, I originally wrote this post 1 year ago. Th english version of the Lab Portal is not available anymore. You may look into the german version here

      AVM provides a way to operators like EPT (but also others) to configure features of the Fritz!Box which cannot be configured via the Web GUI. For EPT this specifically concerns the IPTV (“Telé vun der Post”) service. In case you haven’t subscribed to IPTV you can go without the EPT configuration file.

      However, in case you have a LuxFibre access, where the telephony service comes via VoIP, you may need to manually reconfigure the VoIP Account and VLAN. IMPORTANT!!! I’m not sure if EPT provides the VoIP credentials for their telephony service to their customers. So be sure to keep at least a backup of the EPT configuration. Resetting the settings is at your own risk and your own responsibility.

  3. Well, against ever healthy & acceptable practice in the world, they really keep voip credentials secret, in a way that manual configuration is definitely impossible. There are also credentials for their mgmt. system with firmware download enabled (!), and, in fact, I was angry, when, a couple of weeks ago, changed voipcfg without previously notifying me to drop last config. backup and prepare a new one!!!
    But as they are suffering from ‘child ilnesses’ of the new installation, better not to make a song and dance for little details 🙂
    The firmware recovery procedure worked just fine with the restore, and the cosmetic problems were solved.
    It remains for AVM to prepare a civilized resolution fax interface, since, without T.38 faxes won’t go anywhere (P&T explained that they got more troubles than joy with T.38, so they disabled it).
    For me, Samsung SCX-4729FD, there was no option to slow down transmission speed, but after disabling ECM, faxing worked!

    have a nice weekend

    • I can say (from own experience) that T.38 on the Fritz!Box works quite well with the MediaGateways I tested. Also some fax devices just work better with T.38 than others. Disabling the error correction is not a natural choice but I have heard (not really tested myself) a lot of times that this often made things better.

  4. Hey guys,
    I have arrived here from a Google research.
    I have recently got optic fiber installed and the PT left me a Fritzbox 7390.
    When I tried to configure my VoIP account (which I have with another provider) I noticed that the menu entry “Internet Telephony” was missing.
    I don’t understand much of your explanations but I would like to know if it is possible to flash the Fritzbox in order to make it like the original one.
    Thanks for your help

    • The LuxFibre by EPT comes with an EPT VoIP account instead of an analogue or ISDN line. In case you do not use the EPT VoIP account nor EPT IPTV (Telé vun der Post), then you may try a factory reset. HOWEVER!!! be sure to have a backup of the configuration and any necessary credentials to reconfigure your internet access manually. Remember you do this on your own risk!

    • Looks like this was the first comment posted via IPv6. 😀

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