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No public IP for EPT LuxFibre


EPT has officially launched the LuxFibre service beginning of September, although there are rumors that some friendly test customers had LuxFibre installation in service prior to September 2011.
Some LuxFibre users already reported that the standard LuxFibre service (no optional serviced booked) does not provide a public IP address on WAN interface. EPT assigns a private IP address by default, so the user’s Internet access will be subject to NAT44 (aka double IPv4 NAT). NAT44 breaks all kind of services mostly those which already have difficulties with single/simple NAT. EPT optionally assigns a dynamic and public IP address to the WAN interface of your router. This will allow Internet access with single/simple NAT, however at the cost of 1,99 EUR / month (
Some may say it’s time for IPv6, a service available from EPT free of charge as an OPT-IN service (


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