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EPT releases new price list and products


On May 15, 2010 EPT will apply a new price list. The changes I found are:

  • calls to EMSAT (+8213) will be rated at 3,00 EUR (previously 1,8394 EUR)
  • calls to IRIDIUM (+8816, +8817) will be rated at 3,50 EUR (previously 1,8394 EUR)
  • a new product LuxFibre, based on FTTH, is added to the offering, bandwidths available are 30/2, 50/4 and 100/6 Mbps
  • a Voice over Ethernet product, limited to 1 or 3 concurrent calls, calls are rated at the same as for POTS and ISDN lines

According to the documents available to the alternative operators clearly indicate that the VDSL and FTTH based services are available without POTS or ISDN lines.

EPT is offering the LuxFibre access product with a Fritz+Box 7570 VDSL, but be aware that the telephony services provided by EPT will probably disable all access to alternative VoIP operators from that Fritz!Box.


  1. Hey, interesting blog you’ve got going here. Do you know if PT is offering the LuxFibre service already?

    I tried calling their call center and they kept insisting I should subscribe to their plain ADSL service first. I have perfectly good ADSL service from Tango already and I won’t switch unless it’s to VDSL or Fibre.

    • Hello Andrea, the LuxFibre product is not yet available. It’s highly probable that some of the alternative operators will also launch VDSL and FTTH at the same time. So it’s possible you don’t have to switch your current operator in order to get your internet access over VDSL or FTTH.

  2. Hi, I just read an article and saw the price list of the FTTH.

    well, I do not know when they will start to offer Fiber connection. Have you got any idea? I received an offer from Tango ADSL 20mbits for 16 euro. Problem is the contract for another 2 years.

    • Hello Mike, unfortunately no date available yet. As you may see from the reactions of the alternative operators to the EPT reference offer, negotiations will probably last some more time, unless the regulator accepts the reference offer without or with only minor changes. None of both is really predictable, I would say it won’t take 2 years, that’s also what I hope, but unfortunately you won’t know beforehand.

  3. about a month ago I called PT, I wanted to ask if there is going to be a fiber connection in Grevenmacher in 2011. reply was YES. But I did not see anybody dig or change any cables. 🙁 I do not care much about downstream, I need uploads faster/. Will call PT again tomorrow!

    • Hello Mike, P&T has had fibers installed for several years. In my town for example they installed multi-media cable (copper & fiber) when they switched all houses from air cable to cables buried into the pavement/sidewalk, this was probably in 2005. Currently your town/street may be in one of the following states:

      ADSL only
      ADSL only with upgrade to VDSL planned
      ADSL and VDSL technically feasible
      ADSL and VDSL technically feasible and upgrade to FTTH planned
      ADSL, VDSL and FTTH technically feasible

      In some locations the network may be upgraded or got upgraded from ADSL straight to FTTH with no option for VDSL, in other regions no upgrades may be planned at all at the time being. So once the product will be approved by the regulator, you might be able to place an order for FTTH straight away, however there will probably be a rush for this new product. In that situation it might be interesting to know P&T has to provide a certain number of slots for new and/or upgrade installations per week. It is possible that the alternative operators will launch the VDSL/FTTH based product with some delay, but you might be lucky and get an earlier spot that way. So if you’re not an P&T customer for your internet access right now, you might not need to switch to P&T.

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