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Advertisements within .tel


Recently Telnic released a whitepaper on Advertisements within .tel, at first sight a feature for domainers, but there is more.

Very recently I added a sub-folder called links to my .tel domain and moved all the links to other websites etc to this sub-folder, the listing on the front page just got to long. With Ads I can have some of the links back on the front page and still have a short listing of personal contact details.

The only issues with Ads within .tel are:

  • the TelProxy doesn’t support them yet
  • you have to add them manually to your domain, the TelHosting Platform doesn’t have any support for Ads (yet?)

This is how my Ad for voipGATE looks in the DNS: 86400 IN TXT “.tad” “1” “2” “100” “voipGATE” “” “uri” “” “desc” “Voice over IP operator”

The format looks complex, but at the end it’s really easy to understand, everything is explained in the whitepaper.


  1. Hello Marc, where do I insert?: 86400 IN TXT “.tad” “1″ “2″ “100″ “voipGATE” “” “uri” “” “desc” “Voice over IP operator”

    Did you have to create a _ad folder? Where? How?

    Or how do you proceed with your .tel adverts, today?

    Kind regards,

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