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AVM releases IPv6 BETA firmwares for international Fritz!Box versions


AVM just released 2 IPv6-enabled BETA firmwares for the international versions of the Fritz!Box models 7270 and 7570 VDSL.

I have been testing the BETA firmware for about 2 weeks now. I’m very with the new DECT coverage this firmware provides, it almost doubled the coverage for me.

I cannot test the Sixxs interoperability for the moment as my Sixxs account got locked and I’m still waiting for the account being unlocked. So I’m limited to using 6to4, which works OK for me.

It would be really great to see support for the Hurricane Electric IPv6 Tunnel Broker service in a later IPv6 BETA firmware.

On my box I had some issues with the VoIP configuration but otherwise the VoIP service itself was rock solid as always.

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