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Luxembourg partly covered by Google Street View


Google has been taking pictures in Luxembourg during August and September mostly. According to Google the following town were thought to be covered:

  • Bettembourg
  • Diekirch
  • Differdange
  • Dudelange
  • Esch/Alzette
  • Ettelbruck
  • Hesperange
  • Kayl
  • Luxembourg
  • Pétange
  • Sanem
  • Schifflange
  • Steinsel
  • Walferdange

Google also stated that the list of town may be incomplete or incorrect due to short-term changes. Town adjacent to those listed could also be covered, as well as towns passed by the Google car when traveling from one town to another. While Google Street View coverage has appeared at the french border to Luxembourg, the coverage stops at the border, till this day no pictures from inside Luxembourg are available yet.


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