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The Federal republic of Germany got over 5 nonillion IPv6 addresses


The German Federal Ministry of Interior announced yesterday that RIPE has allocated a /26 IPv6 network to Germany. This are 5.070.602.400.912.917.605.986.812.821.504 (5 nonillion, 70 octillion, 602 septillion, 400 sextillion, 912 quintillion, 917 quadrillion, 605 trillion, 986 billion, 812 million, 821 thousand and 504) IP addresses distributed over 274.877.906.944 /64 IPv6 networks.With an estimated 82.7 million people living in Germany this is still over 3.323 networks per resident and over 61.313.209.200.881.712.285.209 (61 sextillion, 313 quintillion, 209 quadrillion, 200 trillion, 881 billion, 712 million, 285 thousand and 209) single addresses. It’s unsure how you can explain the real need for this “huge” number of addresses, each German could have 61 times more IPv6 addresses than there are grains of sand on earth (source:, but apparently Germany was able to meet RIPE’s criterias for such an allocation.

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