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EPT brings new bandwidth profiles for their ADSL products


The EPT website has been updated to reflect new bandwidth profiles for their ADSL products. Some pages announce speeds of:

  • 5 Mb/s downstream & 512 kb/s upstream (formerly 2 Mb/s & 192 kb/s)
  • 10 Mb/s downstream & 640 kb/s upstream (formerly 8 Mb/s & 256 kb/s)
  • 20 Mb/s downstream & 768 kb/s upstream formerly 15 Mb/s & 384 kb/s)

Some wholesale customers of EPT are already annoucing theĀ  same ADSL speeds. The bandwitdh upgrades, escpecially the downstream, adapt Luxembourg’s offer to the general needs, however the offer is still far away from the offers available in Germany of France. The new upstream speeds are to low for the 2 faster profiles. In Germany the minimum ratio usually is 16:1, on VDSL even up to 5:1, hence the upstream on a 20 Mb/s line should be at least 1280 kb/s.

Beginning of January, EPT has been contacting LuxDSL customers to inform them about network upgrades concerning their DSL access, let’s hope that this leads to better speed profiles in the future.

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