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Number portability statistics for Luxembourg

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In Luxembourg there is no central database for Number Portability, except for mobile numbers, therefor reliable statistics are not possible. While there exists a regulation from the national regulator filled under the number oo/36/ILT which specifies the procedures for number portability as defined in a separate document filled under the reference DOC/NP which explicitly requires that a successful portability must be reported to the regulator, some operators do not provide this information to the Regulator. The Regulator publishes a list of ported phone numbers with the routing code as reported by the recipient operators, due to the previously reported issues, this list must be considered as incomplete. In addition the list contains several errors:

  • 299 numbers are listed twice with 2 different routing codes
  • 2 numbers are listed thrice with 3 different routing codes
  • 536 distinct number, routing code combination are repeated

The lists currently holds 9.889 distinct ported phone numbers. But there are even more stats:

  • 2 operators haven’t published any portability information at all
  • 8 operators publish one single routing code
  • 1 operator publishes 2 different routing codes
  • 1 operator publishes 7 different routing codes


  • the operator with the highest number of phone number ported to his network has ported 6.982 numbers
  • the operator with the lowest number of phone number ported to his network has ported 2 numbers

All these figures are based on the list published by the Regulator, I cannot give any guarantee on the level of correctness of these stats as I have no knowledge about the level of correctness of that list.

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