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P&T Luxembourg re-announces prices for LuxFibre


P&T Luxembourg has released a new price list valid from September 1, 2011.

Prices for FTTH based LuxFibre prices are as follows:

  • Down   30 Mb/s – Up 10 Mb/s: 54,99 EUR incl VAT / month
  • Down   50 Mb/s – Up 25 Mb/s: 59,99 EUR incl VAT / month
  • Down 100 Mb/s – Up 50Mb/s: 74,99 EUR incl VAT / month

These prices do not contain a volume flat-rate, this is available for 9,99 EUR / month or within the Integral package.

The telephone service comes with the capacity for 1 concurrent call, an upgrade to 3 concurrent calls is available at 6,00 EUR / month. Unfortunately the 3 concurrent calls limit is the absolute maximum, on a fibre access delivering up to 100 Mb/s, limiting telephony to 384 Kb/s seems somewhat arbitrary!

Beside that, the pricing is high compared to our european neighbors:

  • in France Orange charges 33,99 EUR / month for 100 Mb/s flat, telephony flat and IPTV
  • in Germany Telekom charges 39,95 EUR / month for up to 50 Mb/s flat and telephony flat


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