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LuxFibre disables alternative VoIP services?

UPDATE: Recent Fritz!Box OS allow to choose between Internet or Voice VLAN when configuring VoIP accounts. See AVM provides workaround to use 3rd party ITSPs. The statements below are obsolete.

Yes it does, unfortunately.

So why exactly? The short answer is, because the VoIP part of the Fritz!Box is moved to an isolated virtual LAN (VLAN) with no Internet access, so the Fritz!Box VoIP part cannot reach any alternative VoIP services as these are somewhere on the Internet.

But why is this necessary? The LuxFibre product is designed to provide all services over IP. This includes any telephone services (analogue, ISDN) which were previously delivered directly via copper. Telephony over IP cannot Continue Reading →

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Which LuxFiber variant is best for me?

The FTTH/VDSL service is now available for half a year, but it is still difficult to get complete and correct information about the real setup costs and the eventual down sides of a FTTH connection.

I have been following several LuxFiber related threads on different Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) and people seem frustrated by the level of information they can get from the ISP’s sales helpdesk personnel.

Can I have FTTH (fibre) or VDSL (copper)?

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FTTH Modems delivered by EPT are faulty

I have received the following fault explanation, originally written by an EPT engineer. The text seems to indicate that the current fiber equipment delivered and installed by EPT has issues to transport packets of a certain size. In the case of the user who forwarded this message, the fault was most apparent during VoIP calls using the G.711 codec.

Le problème était lié à un protocole de correction d’erreurs au niveau upstream sur l’équipement de terminaison de la fibre. Il semble qu’il y ait un bug au niveau de cet fonctionnalité qui fait que les paquets d’une taille de 200-201 bytes ne sont pas transmis correctement
(i.e. 80% de perte).
Malheureusement le protocole voip G711 que vous avez utilisé génère exactement cette taille de packets et était donc fortement impacté alors que les autres flux de trafic et les différents tests ne montraient pas d’erreurs.
Suite à l’intervention de notre technicien sur place on a cependant pu cerner le problème et on a donc désactivé la fonctionnalité fautive sur votre accès en attendant un bug-fix de la part du fournisseur de


So in case you are currently using the LuxFibre product and you have quality issues with VoIP applications, you might be affected by this bug. The workaround implies the intervention of an EPT technician.

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No public IP for EPT LuxFibre

EPT has officially launched the LuxFibre service beginning of September, although there are rumors that some friendly test customers had LuxFibre installation in service prior to September 2011.
Some LuxFibre users already reported that the standard LuxFibre service (no optional serviced booked) does not provide a public IP address on WAN interface. EPT assigns a private IP address by default, so the user’s Internet access will be subject to NAT44 (aka double IPv4 NAT). NAT44 breaks all kind of services mostly those which already have difficulties with single/simple NAT. EPT optionally assigns a dynamic and public IP address to the WAN interface of your router. This will allow Internet access with single/simple NAT, however at the cost of 1,99 EUR / month (
Some may say it’s time for IPv6, a service available from EPT free of charge as an OPT-IN service (